Husk Shanghai

So bad and so much regret for the calories I wasted here.

Wei Xiang Zhai 味香斋 Shanghai

A quick eat-and-go place, Wei Xiang Zhai 味香斋 is known for its sesame noodles 麻酱面.

Chachawan Hong Kong

Delicious Thai food in Hong Kong worth the queue.

8 1/2 Otto e Mezzo Bombana

Italian regional brunch series for RMB¥458 + 10% per person.

Co Cheese Melt Bar Shanghai

A library of grilled cheeses served on perfectly toasted sourdough.

Remedy 源氣 365 Shanghai

With the turn of the seasons, Remedy 365 has given a facelift to its menu with a selection of new dishes for the next few months of cold weather in Shanghai.

MARZANO by Pizza Express

Easily accessible and reasonably priced, this place provides a casual carb-fest to soak up a weekend of regret.

Le Saleya Shanghai

New chef, new dishes, and new decor at French bistro Le Saleya.

Franck Shanghai

Revisiting classic French in good company.

T for Thai Shanghai

My top pick for Thai in Shanghai!