The Public Shanghai Brunch

Portions at The Public are huge. Places like this is why my weekend schedule is wake up, get brunch, take nap.

Hakkasan Shanghai

Posh is the word for Hakkasan. And posh I like.

Morton's The Steakhouse IFC Shanghai

For dem expense accounts.

[Shanghai] Beef & Liberty 尚牛社会 x World Cup

The new Grandstander burger at my favorite burger place in Shanghai.

Roosevelt Prime Steakhouse Shanghai

Steaks on July 4th is only fitting.

Pirata Shanghai

Simple, straightforward plates that pleased our palates.

Remedy 源氣 365 Shanghai

Remedy 源氣 365 aims for healthy but not boring food that actually tastes good.

Unagi 大味鳗 Shanghai

Under the same owner as Jianguo 建国 328, Unagi 大味鳗 (“da wei man” or big big flavored eel) serves eel rice as well as pork, chicken, and curry bowls.

elEFANTE Shanghai

Get the main meats.

[Shanghai] Bistro BB1 Vietnamese Delights 小金牛 Shanghai

Legit pho? Probably not. But it will do for a quick and easy meal in the mall.