Remedy 源氣 365 Shanghai

With the turn of the seasons, Remedy 365 has given a facelift to its menu with a selection of new dishes for the next few months of cold weather in Shanghai.

MARZANO by Pizza Express

Easily accessible and reasonably priced, this place provides a casual carb-fest to soak up a weekend of regret.

Le Saleya Shanghai

New chef, new dishes, and new decor at French bistro Le Saleya.

Franck Shanghai

Revisiting classic French in good company.

T for Thai Shanghai

My top pick for Thai in Shanghai!

Kappo Yu 割烹遊 Shanghai

Sometimes it pays off to try something again. A successful second meal at Kappo Yu after an average first visit.

Petit Jardin 苏浙小品 Shanghai

Petit Jardin 苏浙小品 is a Chinese restaurant under the same group as Jade Garden 苏浙汇 with a bit of Canto and Southern China influences mixed into the dishes.

橼舍鮨青木 Aoki Shanghai

Chef Aoki-san and backer Anthony Chong bring the taste of Sushi Ichi from Ginza Tokyo, which holds 1 Michelin star, to Shanghai with their new omakase restaurant.

Mian Mian 绵绵 Shanghai

People often ask me if I cook. And the answer is no. But I do own a juicer and make juice at home with Mian Mian.

NAPA Shanghai

In recent months, Chef Martin Bentzen has taken post at NAPA where he serves up contemporary French with a Scandinavian touch.