Al's Diner Shanghai

Dangerously delicious all day menu – diner style.

[Shanghai] Egg

Put an egg on it.

Roosevelt Prime Steakhouse Shanghai 罗斯福顶级牛排馆

Birthday steak at the best steakhouse in Shanghai.

Sutekiya Teppanyaki Shanghai 素敌馆

Delicious teppanyaki in ant size servings.

Hello Miss Dong / Hello董小姐 Shanghai

Homestyle Singaporean dishes on Yongkang Lu.

Flask Shanghai

Grilled sandwiches hot off The Press at whiskey bar Flask.

Hunter Gatherer 悦衡食集 Shanghai

Farm-to-table food at Hunter Gatherer. Real (and actually yummy) rabbit food.

Table No. 1 by Jason Atherton Brunch

Revamped brunch at Table No. 1 adds another great option to the Shanghai brunch scene.

Pirata Shanghai

My go-to for tapas in Shanghai. Small bites, big flavors, and an excuse to order a lot of variety. That’s x Shanghai Girl Eats #5

Egg Shanghai

The first installation of Chef’s Table x Austin Hu @ Egg!