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Asian Legend | www.asianlegendannarbor.com
Address: 516 E Williams, Ann Arbor MI 48104
Date visited: 2013.03
Total bill: $84 including 18% gratuity for six people ($14 per person)
Verdict: Hits the spot for much needed home food
Will return: Definitely

Whenever my friends and I crave home styled food, we come to Asian Legend. The food is simple and standard but sometimes that is exactly what fills the spot. My friends went on a four-day cruise that only served American steak, seafood, and chicken and as soon as they came back to Ann Arbor, they wanted this.

As a general rule for such flavorful, MSG-laden food like this, stick with white rice for balance. Fried rice is for noobs. Also drink lots of tea and water.

Onion Pancake Wrapped w/ Beef 牛肉捲餅 ($7.95)
This is a must-get at Asian Legend. It is a very simple and delicious dish that reminds me of home-cooked food. We got two of these so everyone could have two pieces. Mix hot chili oil with soy sauce and use as dipping sauce.

Asian Legend Ann Arbor
Onion Pancake Wrapped w/ Beef

Pepper Salt Chicken Wings 鹽酥雞 ($6.95)
This is basically Asian style popcorn chicken. The breading is delicious. There are bones in this.

Asian Legend Ann Arbor
Pepper Salt Chicken Wings

Eggplant w/ Fried Tofu 茄子豆腐煲 ($10.95)
The Eggplant w/ Garlic Sauce 魚香茄子 was my favorite dish until I discovered this dish, which is basically the same thing plus tofu, making it even more nomalicious.

Asian Legend Ann Arbor
Eggplant w/ Fried Tofu

Wuxi Ribs 無錫排骨 ($14.95)
These braised spare ribs are a specialty from the Jiangsu province in China. The sauce is sweet and the meat falls right off the bones.

Asian Legend Ann Arbor
Wuxi Ribs
Ma Po Tofu w/ Minced Pork 麻婆豆腐 ($10.95)
This dish originated from Sichuan province in China, which basically cooks everything flaming, tongue-numbingly spicy. They don’t make it that spicy here so don’t be afraid to get it.

Asian Legend Ann Arbor
Ma Po Tofu

Not pictured:
Chinese Watercress w/ Garlic Sauce ($9.95).
Just because we are good children and needed a green dish.

Other suggestions:
Pork Chop Over Rice 排骨飯 ($8.95)
White rice with minced pork and pickled vegetables, tea egg, and pork chop (which uses the same breading as the Pepper Salt Chicken Wings). Good to get as takeout for one person because it has a good mix of ingredients.

Pepper Salt Soft Shell Crab 椒鹽軟殼蟹 ($13.85)

There is definitely a positive correlation between fried and tasty. The entire crab with the shell is edible (hence the soft shell).
Chow Fun Noodles w/ Beef 干炒牛河 ($8.95)
For those who like noodles: stir-fried flat wide noodles with beef, scallions, and bean sprouts. A bit too salty at times but still good.

Added bonus: 

Iorio’s Gelateria is next door for dessert.