[Ann Arbor] Breakfast at Zingerman’s Deli

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Zingerman’s Deli | www.zingermansdeli.com
Address: 422 Detroit St, Ann Arbor, MI 48104
Date visited: 2013.03
Verdict: Lunch/Dinner > Breakfast
Will return: Yes but not for breakfast

I finally made it to Zingerman’s early enough for breakfast (served until 11am). The breakfast food is good but ordinary and is nowhere near the level of the lunch/dinner deli food. Everything tastes pretty straight forward like how you would expect it to taste. I definitely prefer getting a sandwich from the deli menu over anything from the breakfast menu. For breakfast food, Afternoon Delight is a better choice in my opinion.

French Toast ($9.50)
Two slices of challah French toast with butter and maple syrup (half portion is pictured because I split this with my friend). You can also add $1 for pecan raisin French toast instead (but raisins are blegh). This was pretty plain and standard. I have had better on the east coast.

I wish something else came with the plate as well. While I don’t mind the prices of Zingerman’s sandwiches, $9.50 for two pieces of challah is pretty expensive when I can buy an entire loaf of challah at Trader Joe’s for this price.

Eddie’s Big Deal (Small $11.50, Large $13.99; small is shown below)
Corned beef hash with buttered onion rye toast and spicy ketchup. For some reason I was expecting this to be really salty because of the corned beef but it wasn’t. This was quite good and I liked it.


Zing-taters ($1.99)
These taste like what you would find at most places.