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The Melting Pot www.meltingpot.com/annarbor-mi/

Address: 309 S. Main St, Ann Arbor, MI 48104

There are two parts to this post:
– 3-course prix fixe fondue experience
– Dessert fondue only experience
Ladies’ Night Out 3-Course Special Dinner
Total bill: ~$33 + tip per person
Verdict: Too much work, I don’t want to pay to cook my own food.
Will return: No, not for dinner.
This Melting Pot location runs this special once a month. Yes, being female is a requirement. For $33 per person, you get a prix fixe cheese appetizer fondue, meat entree fondue, and chocolate dessert fondue. This is cheaper than the 4-course sets on the regular menu (the additional course is just a salad) which range from $30 (vegetarian) to $45 (filet mignon) per person. This is a good deal and good to try once.

I personally think Melting Pot is overpriced considering how cheap the ingredients are (let’s think about what you are paying for: bread, cheese, frying batter, raw meat, OIL). On top of that, you are “cooking” it yourself. Some people would argue it’s a fun experience. Let’s be real, the reason why I go out to eat is to avoid subjecting myself to the wrath of my own cooking.

1st Course: Creamy tomato cheese fondue with bread, veggies, and apples.

Melting Pot
Melting Pot

2nd Course: Chicken, teriyaki sirloin, peppered duck, and spinach & artichoke ravioli. I am just going to call this oil fondue because you are basically dipping your meats in different flavored batter and deep frying them.

If I have to cook my own food, we have a problem. Cheese and chocolate dippers–I can deal–but this is literally converting raw meat into an edible entity. Also, this was really tedious because meat takes the longest to cook.

Melting Pot

Melting Pot
3rd Course: Milk chocolate crème de menthe fondue with white chocolate shavings and strawberry, banana, rice krispie, brownie, pound crake marshmellow, cheesecake dippers.

Melting Pot
Melting Pot
Chocolate Fondue Dessert Only
Total bill: ~9$ + tip per person
Verdict: Chocolate galore to satisfy
Will return: Yes, only for dessert.

I am convinced the s’mores fondue is the best thing in life at Melting Pot. I don’t like dark chocolate so that rules out half the menu but you can ask them to replace dark chocolate with milk chocolate (or vice versa) in any of the pots. Even so, I still think the s’mores fondue is the best.

Melting Pot
Caramel Turtle Fondue (Top) and S’mores Fondue (Bottom)
During the holidays, they swap out pound cake (already delicious) with red velvet poundcake (even more delicious).

Melting Pot
S’mores Fondue with Seasonal Red Velvet Pound Cake