[Ann Arbor] Zingerman’s Next Door

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Zingerman’s Next Door Coffeehouse | http://www.zingermansdeli.com/next-door/

Address: 422 Detroit St, Ann Arbor, MI 48104
Date visited: 2013.02
Verdict: Must come here after Zingerman’s Deli
Will return: Definitely
What to get: Anything

After a meal at Zingerman’s Deli, my friends and I always head over to the coffeehouse, which is literally next door to the deli, for coffee and dessert.

Zingerman's Coffeehouse

Starbucks has nothing on this chai latte that I got. I admit I don’t have the most extensive chai latte experience, having only had it three times at MUD in East Village NYC, Zingerman’s, and unfortunately Starbucks. My first sip of chai latte was at MUD, which was amazing and what I compare all chai lattes to. As a frame of reference, MUD and Zingerman’s are on par with each other while Starbucks should just not make chai lattes ever again.
For dessert, we got a slice of Boston cream pie (top), Dobos torta (left), and cheesecake (right). Each slice was around $5-7.
Zingerman's Coffeehouse

The actual cheesecake part tasted really good but the crust wasn’t great.

Zingerman's Coffeehouse
Dobos Torta
This is a layered sponge cake with chocolate buttercream and hardened caramel top. Good to taste once but I wouldn’t want to eat an entire slice of this.
Zingerman's Coffeehouse
Boston Cream Pie
My personal favorite: white chiffon cake covered in dark chocolate ganache (I let the dark chocolate slide this time) and vanilla butter cream with a layer of vanilla bean cream. The vanilla bean cream was the highlight.

Zingerman's Coffeehouse