Sushi Oyama Shanghai 鮨 大山

[Shanghai Girl Eats] Sushi Oyama 鮨 大山 (2)

Still one of the best omakases in Shanghai.

Cha's 查餐厅 Shanghai

[Shanghai Girl Eats] Cha’s 查餐厅

Spam instant noodle, pineapple bun with butter, and all your Hong Kong cha can ting dreams in Shanghai.

Sober Company Speak Low Shanghai

[Shanghai Girl Eats] Sober Company

Shingo Gokan (Speak Low) strikes Shanghai again with cafe-bar-restaurant concept.

Highline Shanghai Brunch

[Shanghai Girl Eats] Highline (Brunch)

Wear yoga pants.

Nicolson's Shanghai Burger

[Shanghai Girl Eats] Nicolson’s Grill

Classic burger in K11’s basement food court.

Cobra Lily 镜花水月 Shanghai Xintiandi

[Shanghai Girl Eats] Cobra Lily 镜花水月

Journey across Asia from honghshao brisket baos to banh mi sandwiches.

Beef & Liberty 尚牛社会

[Shanghai Girl Eats] Beef & Liberty 尚牛社会 (2)

It has been three years since I first stepped into Beef & Liberty and it is still one of my favorite burger places.

Bistro 321 Villa Le Bec

[Shanghai Girl Eats] Bistro 321 Le Bec

One of my favorite restaurants in Shanghai serving the most indulgent of French foods.

Highline Shanghai

[Shanghai Girl Eats] Highline

Contemporary American fare under Executive Chefs Anna Bautista & Sean Jorgensen.

The Cannery Shanghai

[Shanghai Girl Eats] The Cannery (Brunch)

Seafood & champagne brunch for RMB688-4,888. That is the correct number of digits.