[New York] Katz’s Delicatessen

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Address: 205 E Houston St (Lower East Side), New York, NY 10002 (look for the damn tour buses parked outside)
Date visited: 2013.05
Total bill: ~$40 for two sandwiches
Will return: Definitely
What to get: Pastrami Reuben OF COURSE

World famous Katz’s Deli. You just need to know that there are Reubens here and that you need to get one.

Some other minor details:

  • Someone will hand you a ticket when you walk in. Don’t lose it. You have to give the ticket back when you leave or you will be banned from Katz’s forever (no just kidding, you pay $50 for the lost ticket, which is also terrible).
  • Trying to find a seat at Katz’s is a nightmare so be prepared to get your sandwich to go and eat it somewhere else. There is a park by St Mark’s so you can eat with the shady people if you want (that’s what my friend and I did this time).
  • If you’ve seen When Harry Met Sally, they have a sign pointing to their table in the movie. Pretty neat.


Katz's Deli
Katz's Deli
Brisket Sandwich ($15.95)
My friend gets a Reuben every single time and said he would switch it up this time. Bad idea. The brisket was not even in the same league as the pastrami. He was filled with regret but I gave him some of my Reuben. He’ll be alright.

Katz's Deli

Pastrami Reuben ($18.20)

Behold the mother of all Reubens. I was so lucky they brought out a new hunk of hot pastrami to cut up when it was my turn. The Reuben gods were with me this time. Sloppy, greasy, and delicious.

Katz's Deli

Katz's Deli