[New York] Melt Shop

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Melt Shop | meltshopnyc.com | Yelp
Address: 601 Lexington Ave (Midtown East), New York, NY 10022 (other locations available)
Date visited: 2013.06
Total bill: $13 + tax for two people
Will return: Yes

I swear we were just looking for a light snack in between lunch and dinner (it is a totally legitimate meal time) when we stumbled upon this grilled cheese shop. We split a sandwich if that makes us less like pieces of lard. No? Okay.

Anything that looks this greasy from the outside is usually promising.

Melt Shop

Buttermilk Fried Chicken ($8.95) with pepper jack cheese, creamy red cabbage slaw, and special melt sauce
Um… why… was… this… so… good? It was just supposed to be a grilled sandwich but it turned out to be so much more. Everything about this was right: the perfectly toasted bread, the crispy fried chicken, the spicy slaw, and just the right amount of cheese. Believe me, I am usually not very excited about sandwiches unless it’s a pastrami reuben from Katz’s or Zingerman’s. These people are like the Michelangelo of grill cheeses or something…



Shop Tots ($2.95) + Truffle Mayo ($0.75)
They cooked everything on the spot and the tots were fresh out of the fryer–hot and crispy. Listen to me (or rather read me): you must eat the tots with truffle mayo. Like dunk it in. They are perfect together. Ketchup not necessary.