[New York] Pies ‘n’ Thighs

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Address: 166 S 4th St (Williamsburg), Brooklyn, NY 11211
Date visited: 2013.07
Total bill: $21.50 + tax and tip for two people
Will return: Definitely
What to get:
– Chicken Biscuit
– Banana Cream Pie
– Anything that starts with fried and ends with chicken

My friend and I ventured to Brooklyn in desert heat for this meal and it was completely worth it. We took the subway and you should, too. If you take a cab, you will be stuck on the Williamsburg bridge forever. If you rent a Citi bike, you will pass out from a heat stroke before you even make it halfway across the bridge (seriously don’t do this in the summertime).

Expect a wait at any hour, which is typical in New York with popular places like this that do not take reservations. Another Michigan alum (go blue!) was sitting at the table next to us with his family and they came into the city for the day to eat here. If that isn’t a sign of legitimacy, I don’t know what is. The food here is simple and straight-forward and they do it very well. Get anything fried chicken and you won’t be sorry.

Chicken Biscuit ($6.50) with crispy chicken cutlet on a buttermilk biscuit with hot sauce and honey butter
Recommend: yes
This was salty and sweet at the same time from the hot sauce and honey butter. What a perfect combination. I was very sad when the sandwich ended.

Pies n Thighs

Mac ‘n’ Cheese ($4) with hot sauce
Recommend: yes
This was good but not the best mac & cheese I’ve had. Regardless, I think it is a necessity to a meal here. You should pour lots and lots of hot sauce on it.

Pies n Thighs

Banana Cream Pie ($4.50)
Recommend: yes
Fresh! There were pieces of bananas in this. Simple and delicious. I didn’t care for the Nilla wafers but not a big deal. My friend doesn’t like bananas (I actually know a couple of weirdos who don’t like bananas; you guys are a species of your own) so I got to eat this all by myself.

Pies n Thighs