[New York] Wafels and Dinges

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Wafels and Dinges | www.wafelsanddinges.com | Yelp
Address: Moving truck spotted in SoHo
Date visited: 2013.05
Total bill: $7 for a waffle
Will return: No

My friend never finds this truck when she wants dessert and always manages to spot it when she is not looking for it. We spotted it in SoHo on this day (locations posted daily on Twitter @waffletruck). I definitely won’t be looking for this truck ever again.

Wafels and Dinges

Belgian waffle ($7) with strawberry, whipped cream and maple syrup
The waffle was not cooked fresh and had been sitting there for some time (does not compute… isn’t the whole point to make it on the spot?). Because of this, it tasted like any frozen waffle I could have bought at the supermarket. I was very perplexed.

Wafels and Dinges