[Novi] Ajishin

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Address: 42270 Grand River Ave, Novi, MI 48375
Verdict: Super cheap and high quality
Will return: Definitely
Aside from my beloved Yamato in Kerrytown, which closed last year whose chef/owner is now in New York, there are not many great places for sushi in Michigan. Ajishin serves udon, chirashi bowls, and sushi, all of which are pretty good. In addition, it is super cheap.
The downside is that there is no reservation system. People essentially come in, put their names on the list, and wait. There is always a wait during peak lunch and dinner times everyday but that also gives you an idea of how good this place is.
Ajishin Novi
Gojyu-no-toh:”Five Story Tower” ($15)
Sampler of individual chirashi with tuna, sea urchin, salmon roe, river eel, and shrimp. I don’t like salmon roe so I was able to substitute it for another sea urchin ^_^.

Ajishin Novi
Cooked shrimp, river eel, sea urchin, and tuna on a bed of egg and rice. Mix a bit of soy sauce and wasabi (no ginger for me) into each bowl and eat.
Ajishin Novi
Lunch Special of the Day: Udon and White Fish Chirashi ($7)
This is a super good deal because the udon itself costs around $6 regularly. The udon broth is really well-seasoned. If you just want to get a bowl of udon, I recommend the Ajishin udon (not pictured), which contains all the garnishes you see below in the basic udon plus shrimp and vegetable tempura and fried tofu.

Ajishin Novi

The chirashi bowl varies depending on the day; it was salmon, white fish, and shrimp during a different visit. Add soy sauce into the chirashi bowl, mixed it all up, and eat. Make sure you break up the wasabi really well or your nostrils will pay for it later. 

Ajishin Novi
A la carte sushi (I ate this entire plate by myself -_-)
Ajishin Novi
Ajishin Novi
Yellowtail and Scallion Roll

The following is a California roll and will be the only time you witness me eating such a thing. California rolls are a crime against sushi but mark my words, this one is really good. This is the only place where I will ever get a cali roll. Make sure you get it with the spicy sauce.

Ajishin Novi
California Roll with Spicy Sauce
Ajishin Novi
Tuna Nigiri

Ajishin Novi
Tamago (Egg) and Ebi (Sweet Shrimp) Nigiri
The tamago is huge. There is a chunk of rice inside (inserted from underneath).
Ajishin Novi