[Novi] Pastry House Hippo

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Pastry House Hippo | www.hippobakery.com
Address: 42130 Grand River Ave  Novi, MI 48375
Price: ~$2-3 per baked good; cash only if <$10; credit card accepted if >$10
Verdict: Cute, cheap, and fresh baked goods. Tastes as good as it looks.
Will return: Definitely

This is a Japanese bakery located in the same center as Ajishin that offers sweet and salty breads, pastries, and cakes. Like Ajishin, there are always many customers in the bakery during most hours. These breads go really quickly so new batches are baked fresh several times a day. Whenever I am there, there is always a new batch coming out or the breads on the shelves are still warm. Honestly, these breads are better than some of the ones I have had from the east coast Chinatown bakeries.

Hippo Bakery Novi
“Eat Me!”

You can’t stop at one. The most I ate was four in one day (oops). They really do taste as good as they look.

Hippo Bakery Novi
Pig Bread with Strawberry Filling

Hippo Bakery Novi
Doraemon (Vanilla Cream Filling), Panda (Chocolate Cream Filling), and Anpanman (Smooth Red Bean Filling)
Hippo Bakery Novi
Panda Bread with Chocolate Cream Filling O_O
Hippo Bakery Novi
Doraemon Bread with Vanilla Cream Filling ^_^

I love takoyaki but I have never seen it in bun form. This was fresh out of the oven warm and gooey when I bought–I confess, I sat and ate this alone in my car immediately after walking out of the bakery. Another salty roll I had was a curry pan (not pictured), which is deep fried bread stuffed with vegetable curry. 

Hippo Bakery Novi
Takoyaki Bun