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Boom Boom Bagels | boomboombagels.comDianping
Address: 39 Anfu Lu near Wulumuqi Lu / 安福路39号(近乌鲁木齐路)
Date visited: 2016.02 for lunch (open all day and delivery via Sherpa’s)
Price: RMB50-100
Will return: Yes

Bagels and I have a love-hate relationship. It’s simple — if I eat bagels, I get fat immediately. Girl gotta look good for the boyfriend I don’t have yet.

Boom Boom on Anfu Lu serves bagels, cookies, and coffees. Boom Boom, Sumerian, and Dogtown are all opened by this guy Dave who has two dogs (a white and a brown one) that hang around the shops. If you don’t see them in person, they are also on the to-go cups (seriously #catlady but it’s okay since they are dogs).

Of the many things I eat, I think bagels take the worst toll on my body. I need to starve for a week after eating one so I can’t eat this very often. Having said that, I do go all out on the rare occasion when I eat one.

The jalabeef bagelwich (RMB60) with beef shin, jalapeno, chives, parsley, vinegar, tabasco, cheddar, spiced tomato, butter & cream cheese is pretty good for those who like spicy. My favorite is the chicken zeus bagelwich (RMB58) with smoked chicken filet, tzatziki, cream cheese, butterhead lettuce, radish & bbq mayo. Beyond these, there are bagels sandwiched with other animals like pulled pork and bbq slaw, bacon tuna melt, smoked chicken, chorizo, and smoked salmon (don’t worry, there are vegetarian options).

You can get a traditional bagel with cream cheese, bagel sandwich, or build your own — all on a choice of plain, parmesan, sesame, sea salt, or everything bagel.

Boom Boom Bagels Shanghai

Chai latte (RMB38) spiced sweet tea with steamed milk & cinnamon
Recommend: yes
Since Boom Boom is opened by the same owner as Sumerian, we can establish it serves excellent coffee. This is also one of the few places that makes a great chai latte, which I really like because it has a prominent spicy kick to it. Sumerian is always packed so I prefer to go to Boom Boom — same same.

Boom Boom Bagels Shanghai

This illustration of the owner’s dogs cracks me up every time (who drew this?).

Chocolate chip cookie (RMB18 each)
Recommend: definitely
I may have disciple when it comes to bagels but it goes right out the window with cookies. Boom Boom just rolled out its very own cookies, which owner slash resident eater Dave created in one month by gathering and testing numerous recipes and ingredients. The result is a browned butter chocolate chip cookie with a slightly crunchy texture (oat flakes). It is so good and directly correlates with how fattening it is. These are my new favorite cookies — I ate 4 in one day so I will be staying away… but just for a few days.

Shanghai Girl Eats

Boom Boom Bagels Shanghai

Boom Boom Bagels Shanghai

Banana & honey yogurt bowl (RMB25)
Recommend: yes
After all of this, consider a banana & honey yogurt bowl. True self control is going to a bagel shop and getting only this (which I miraculously did once).

Boom Boom Bagels Shanghai