[Shanghai] Café del Volcán

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Café del Volcáncafevolcan.com | Dianping
Address: 永康路80号(近襄阳南路) – 80 Yongkang Rd near Xiangyang South Rd (徐汇区 Xuhui District)
Date visited: 2013.08
Total bill: RMB¥36
Will return: Yes

Cafe Latte (RMB¥36)
Starbucks? Costa? Too mainstream. Go to Cafe del Volcan for a good cup of coffee.

Cafe del Volcan

Banana Cookie (top) and Sweet Potato Cookie (bottom)
Cafe de Volcan was running a special for a free cookie with purchase and Fourquare check-in. Please note that this special may or may not be available during your visit. The cookies were extremely good though; I would pay to get these during my next visit.

Cafe del Volcan