[Shanghai] Co. Cheese Melt Bar

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Co Cheese Melt Bar | Dianping
Address: 愚园东路32号(近常德路) – 32 Yuyuan Dong Lu near Changde Lu (静安区 Jing’an District)
Date visited: 2015.01
Price: Sandwiches RMB¥45-50
Will return: Definitely
What to get:
– Kraft Mac & Cheese grilled cheese
– Hunanese pork grilled cheese
– Hong shao rou grilled cheese
– Thai red curry meatball grilled cheese
– Bloody Caesar cocktail
– Pickle back

Co. Cheese Melt Bar’s menu is a library of grilled cheeses served on perfectly toasted sourdough — some with typical western style ingredients and a few are what my friend describes as “Chinese food in a sandwich.” A small selection of drinks (Bloody Caesar, pickle back, beer), Campbell’s canned soup (tomato and chicken noodle), and sweets (nutella & banana, peanut butter & strawberry jam) also make appearances on the menu. Comfort and cozy food to warm up the belly.

This is a fairly tiny space with bar and high table seating so if you are there at peak meal hours, expect a wait for a seat (no reservations) as well as a wait for your food.


Bloody Caesar. While there is Campbell’s tomato soup, this is my version of tomato soup to complement my grilled cheeses.

Co Cheese Melt Bar Shanghai

Kraft Mac & Cheese, cheddar, gouda (RMB¥45 + extra RMB¥10 for avocado)
Recommend: yes
My favorite sandwich on the menu using those blue boxes of Kraft Mac & Cheese. Carb on carb literally. I recommend adding avocado and eating the sandwich with hot sauce.

Co Cheese Melt Bar Shanghai

A array of hot sauces (some are very hot) to eat with your sandwiches. I like “Da Bomb” one, which is still a tolerable amount of spiciness for me. “After Death” is… exactly as the name suggest.


Hunanese pork and hot peppers, mozzarella (RMB¥45)
Recommend: yes
My second favorite sandwich on the menu. Spicy and yummy.


Hong shao rou, gouda (RMB¥45)
Recommend: yes
Tastes like char siu bao sandwiched inside sourdough instead of a bun.


Double Glouchester cheese, mashed potato, cranberry sauce, turkey, stuffing (RMB¥55)
Recommend: maybe
Basically a Thanksgiving aftermath sandwich for those who like to eat this combination on days other than the day after Thanksgiving. Heavy on the mash potatoes so it feels like a mash potato sandwich. Not my favorite although not bad.


We also got a chance to try the Thai red curry meatball, gouda (RMB¥50), which places high on the grilled cheese scale.

Pickle backs as dessert. Whiskey washed down with pickle juice (mixed with a toothpick amount of hot sauce) to counterbalance the food coma.