[Shanghai] Danish Bar at City Super (IAPM)

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Danish Bar at City Super (IAPM) | Dianping
Address: 淮海中路999号环贸广场LG2 – LG2/IAPM, 999 Huaihai Zhong Lu (徐汇区 Xuhui District)
Other location at Jing’an Kerry Center
Date visited: 2014.06 for dessert
Price: ~RMB¥11-20 for individual items
Will return: Yes

In my never-ending quest to find dessert after meals, I stumbled across Danish Bar at City Super inside IAPM. I should say that I was originally looking for ROYCE’ Chocolate (which is next door) but RMB¥20 soft serve won over RMB¥140 chocolate on this day. It was a good find.

Danish Bar at City Super (IAPM)

Danish Bar at City Super (IAPM)

Milk soft serve with Danish ball (RMB¥20)
Recommend: yes
The milk soft serve without Danish ball is RMB¥2 less but I highly recommend it with the Danish ball mashed up inside for soft and crispy textures at the same time. The milk soft is fresh and creamy (奶味很鲜)! Choice of original sugar, chocolate, almond, berry, and raisin (ick) Danish ball flavors.

 Danish Bar at City Super (IAPM)