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Home Thai | Dianping
Address: 淮海中路300号K11购物艺术中心401号铺(近黄陂南路) – 4F/K11, 300 Huaihai Middle Rd near Huangpi South Rd (卢湾区 Luwan District)
Date visited: 2013.11 for weekday lunch
Total bill: RMB¥190 for four people (lunch set RMB¥50 per person)
Will return: Yes
What to get:
– Pig trotter rice
– Green curry chicken
– Red curry fish

Part of the Xintiandi Work Lunch Series

Home Thai, located on the fourth floor of K11 is a great lunch spot for me and my coworkers to go to when we are in the mood for Thai. The restaurant is well-staffed with servers and cooks (who can be seen through the transparent kitchen) to handle the lunch rush. For weekday work lunch, Home Thai offers select entrees such as curry rice and pad thai at a discount of RMB¥50 (around RMB¥10-15 cheaper than prices listed on the regular menu) and the option to add a drink, small soup, and side dishes for an additional RMB¥8. I got iced tea and supplemental soup and dishes once and I didn’t think they were necessary given how big the entree portions are.

Verdict for work lunch:  tastes good, large portions, and quick food output/service.

Pork trotter rice (RMB¥50)
Recommend: yes
Of course I would like this since it is fatty pork. Generous pieces of braised trotter with some vegetables and rice–simple and to the point good.

Home Thai Shanghai

Thai stir fried fat noodles (RMB¥40 for chicken, RMB¥50 for seafood)
Recommend: no
Don’t choose this! This is pretty bad. The noodles were rubbery and the general flavor was off. Other dishes are way better.

Home Thai Shanghai

Green curry chicken (RMB¥50)
Recommend: yes
This has the expected crispy Thai spice flavor. Comes with a bowl of white rice.

Home Thai Shanghai

Red curry fish (RMB¥50)
Recommend: yes
It’s usually a toss up between this and the Pork trotter rice as these two dishes are my favorites for lunch here. If you are debating between this and the green curry chicken (and can’t get both), I recommend this. The red curry has more of a creamy spice flavor whereas the green curry has more of a crisp spice flavor. The fish pieces are very tender. Comes with a bowl of white rice.

Home Thai Shanghai