[Shanghai Girl Eats] Homeslice

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Homeslice | Dianping
Address: 158 Julu Lu near Ruijin Yi Lu / 巨鹿路158号(近瑞金一路)
Date visited: 2017.03
Price: RMB20-30 slice; RMB150-230 whole
Will return: No

After hearing literally everyone rave about the NY style pizza at Homeslice, I went to the newly-opened Datong Mill aka Found 158 aka the biggest fire hazard in Shanghai to try it. It seems I have to disagree with everyone. I thought Homeslice was bland and unsanitary.

The pizzas sit in the open, which customers are spitting on as they lean over and point dangerously close to which pizza they want. Please install some partitions between the pizzas and customers.

Moreover, the pizzas are right next to the cash register. The cashier who handles the money also hands out the pizza. Please have the cashier wear gloves while handing out the pizza. Or don’t have the cashier touch any pizza at all.

Homeslice Pizza Shanghai

Homeslice Pizza Shanghai

The pizza is generally bland and dry — could be a bit greasier, sloppier, and cheesier. I want oil to drip onto my paper plate as I fold the pizza into my mouth. That did not happen during any of the three slices I tried.

I dumped a ton of paprika flakes onto the white pizza but still couldn’t save it. I am puzzled by everyone’s opinion. I will stick to Papa John’s delivery (that garlic sauce) or Mercato truffle egg pizza (snob alert).

Pepperoni (RMB25 slice; 190 whole)

Homeslice Pizza Shanghai

Spicy sausage (RMB30 slice; RMB230)

Homeslice Pizza Shanghai

White (RMB25 slice; RMB190 whole)

Homeslice Pizza Shanghai