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La Creperie | Dianping
Address: 桃江路1号(近东平路) – 1 Taojiang Rd near Dongping Rd (徐汇区 Xuhui District)
Date visited: 2013.05
Total bill: RMB¥118 for two crepes
Will return: Yes
What to get: La Defi crepe

La Creperie is located in Xuhui where many expats and foreigners can be seen roaming in the wild. Like most restaurants in the area, the staff here can speak English. You won’t need to caveman your order. This was a much needed break from my Chinese food-athon and a reminder that peaceful, leisurely dining exists in this city.

La Creperie serves both salty and sweet crepes. My friend brought me here for dessert after brunch nearby. Each crepe is huge. You are getting your money’s worth. I couldn’t finish my crepe and will definitely be sharing next time.

La Creperie Shanghai

La Defi Crepe (RMB¥60) with homemade caramel ice cream, banana, and salted butter caramel sauce
This is one of La Creperie’s signature sweet crepes and was very delicious all around. The crepe was perfectly crisp and soft at the same time. The caramel ice cream was really good. It was a tad too sweet at first because the crepe maker went to town with the caramel sauce but I just brushed some to the side and then it was fine. Definitely recommend this one.

La Creperie Shanghai

Quebec – St Malo Crepe (RMB¥58) with vanilla ice cream, apricot, red fruit sauce, grilled almonds, and whipped cream
My friend originally wanted to get the Le Defi crepe too (sorry) but got this instead for the sake of variety. This was not as sweet as the Le Defi crepe. I didn’t like this crepe because I am not a fan of apricots or fruity syrup.

La Creperie Shanghai