[Shanghai] Lao Sheng Chang 老盛昌 (2)

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Lao Sheng Chang Suzhou Style Soup Dumplings 老盛昌苏州汤包馆
Address: Search 老盛昌 on dianping.com for closest locations; a few branches here, here, and here.
Date visited: Too many times
Price: RMB¥10-15 per person, RMB¥20 at most if I decide I have the appetite of two people that day
What to get:
– Suzhou soup dumplings 苏州汤包
– Small wontons 小馄饨
– Scallion oil noodles 葱油拌面

RMB¥4 wontons? It is possible. Safely? So far so good…

Lao Sheng Chang 老盛昌 is one of my favorite local (and cheap!) eats in Shanghai featuring some of my favorite foods: soup dumplings, small wontons, and scallion oil noodles. I discovered Lao Sheng Chang last year thanks to my Shanghai Mama. There are multiple branches in Shanghai so there is bound to be one close by.

This place is pretty local. Not even a badly written Chinglish menu. No Chinese? No problem.

1. Order and pay at the register by the door. The menu is written on the wall behind the cashier. If you can’t read Chinese, flash the cashier some Dianping dish photos or order what I usually order.
2. Give your order slip to one of the servers walking around. Do not go straight to the opening where the kitchen is and shove your slip through the counter. People outside the kitchen take the orders and people in the kitchen make food.
3. Grab a table and wait for steaming hot deliciousness to arrive.

The dishes below are what I always get (sometimes in rotations, sometimes all at once).

Scallion Oil Noodles 葱油拌面 (RMB¥6)
Recommend: yes
The noodles here are just the right amount of slightly dry and firm, which makes mixing with oil and soy sauce ideal. Noodles that are moist or slippery don’t make for good scallion oil noodles–remember that!

Lao Sheng Chang 老盛昌

Lao Sheng Chang 老盛昌

Small Wontons 小馄饨 (RMB¥4) – yes, 4 kuai!
Recommend: yes
A warm bowl of wonton soup is ideal for cold days. I like small wontons over large wontons mainly for the thin wrapping.

Lao Sheng Chang 老盛昌

Suzhou Soup Dumplings 苏州汤包 (RMB¥6 for 6 tangbao)
Recommend: yes
As a Shanghai girl, I eat tangbao every chance I get and these are certainly one of my favorites. 我是很典型的南方人 afterall. What is a Suzhou tangbao as opposed to a Shanghai xiaolongbao? Suzhou tangbao is slightly larger and have a sweeter pork filling inside than Shanghai xiaolongbao. Same great soup-filled dumpling, just a tad different in taste. I eat pretty extravagantly at times but some days, I feel so completely happy and fulfilled with just an order of this.

Lao Sheng Chang 老盛昌

Lao Sheng Chang 老盛昌

Total bill for all this? RMB¥20. Again, please.

Lao Sheng Chang 老盛昌

You’re welcome.