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Le Cake | Dianping
Shop: www.lecake.com
Price: RMB¥168 and up per cake
Recommend: Yes

People have all sorts of beliefs they stand behind, from worshipping cats to coalition against Uggs. For me, I am a fierce advocate of desserts after meals. I firmly believe it is completely necessary to have something sweet to top off a meal. I know you read all the above in a serious tone because dessert is not a joke. I can haz my cake and eat it, too?

Le Cake is a delivery-based online cake shop aka we are so lazy we don’t even have to go to the store for a cake. They will even deliver at a specific time of the day. I don’t think there is a brick and mortar store in Shanghai but if there is, I don’t want to know because delivery means I don’t even have to make an effort to be the piece of lard that I am.

The cakes start at RMB¥168 for one pound 13×13 cm and go up in price depending on weight/size. I have had several cakes from Le Cake for birthdays including my own and they were all delicious.

Green tea cheesecake (RMB¥388 for three pound 22×22 cm size)
This has a layer of light cream (similar to that of Red Ruby 红宝石) and green tea cheesecake. The texture and taste resemble more of a New York style cheesecake (although it is not nearly as heavy) rather than an airy/spongy Japanese cheesecake. The green tea flavor is subtle with occasional pieces of red bean. I like that it is a very understated cheesecake that gives me the illusion that having three pieces in one sitting is acceptable. It happened.

Le Cake Shanghai

Le Cake Shanghai

White and green tea chocolate decorations.

Le Cake Shanghai

Le Cake Shanghai