[Shanghai] Le Creme Milano

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Le Creme Milanowww.lecrememilano.com | Dianping
Address: 富民路173号(近巨鹿路) – 173 Fumin Rd near Julu Rd (静安区 Jing’an District) (other locations available)
Date visited: 2013.08
Total bill: RMB¥20 for xs cup (1 scoop)
Will return: No

Not too keen on this. The gelato tasted more watery rather than creamy and frankly more like ice cream than gelato. I much prefer Fresh Gelato.

xsmall cup (1 flavor) RMB¥20
small cup (2 flavors) RMB¥28
medium cup (3 flavors) RMB¥38
large cup (4 flavors) RMB¥48

Le Creme Milano

Le Creme Milano (RMB¥20)
This is their signature flavor with hazelnut, Ferrero Rocher, and Nutella. It was a bit too sweet and didn’t have that rich, creamy texture gelato should have. I also tried a sample of the tiramisu flavor, which was also too sweet and the flavor was not quite right.

Le Creme Milano