[Shanghai] Molokai 摩罗街

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Molokai 摩罗街 | Dianping
Address: 兴业路123弄新天地南里6号3楼 – 3F/Xintiandi South Block Plaza, 123 Xingye Rd
Date visited: 2013.10
Total bill: RMB¥210 for two people (lunch set RMB¥50-70 per person)
Will return: Yes

If I come to Molokai, it is because I want Hainan Chicken. I can’t say I like much else here but the Hainan Chicken never fails. For lunch, Molokai offers sets that include a main dish, soup of the day, and drink. The price varies between RMB¥50-70 depending on the main dish. Or else, a la carte is always an option.

Molokai is usually packed during weekday lunch from the nearby office buildings but I never have a problem being seated right away (can’t say the same for Din Tai Fung downstairs).  I recommend this as a safe choice for lunch if you work nearby and are on a time crunch.

HK Milk Tea (RMB¥22)

Molokai Shanghai

Honey Glazed Pork (RMB¥62)
Recommend: yes
Sweet and fatty pork. Delicious with some lemon and sweet sauce. Great for sharing as an appetizer.

Molokai Shanghai

Hainan Chicken Rice (RMB¥52)
Recommend: yes
This is my go-to every time I eat here. There is also a dish with just Hainan Chicken and no rice but I like my rice so I usually get the rice version. The rice isn’t plain–it is fragrant with some ginger and chicken flavors. Delish.

Molokai Shanghai

Ginger, chili, and sweet sauce. I personally like to dip the chicken in both the chili and sweet sauce.

Molokai Shanghai