[Shanghai] Nana’s Green Tea 七叶和茶

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Nana’s Green Tea 七叶和茶 | www.nanas-sh.com| Dianping
Address: 马当路185号(自忠路口) – 185 Madang Rd near Zizhong Rd in Xintiandi
Date visited: 2013.12 for lunch/dessert
Total bill: RMB¥153 for two people
Will return: Yes
What to get:
– any macha drink
– macha fondant

Update 2014.03: This location is now closed. Sproutworks will be taking its place.
Please search dianping.com for other locations in Shanghai.

Part of the Xintiandi Work Lunch Series

I pass this place every day. Literally every day. I am not sure why it took me this long to step inside because this place holds nomalicious green tea desserts of all sorts. I love dessert and green tea so this is a winning combination.

I wanted to come here primarily for the dessert and managed to convince my friend who also works in the same office building that dessert for lunch was a good idea (it wasn’t very hard). Luckily, there was regular food on the menu so we shared an eel rice bowl just to trick our bodies into thinking we were having lunch and proceeded to gorge on the matcha desserts.

I didn’t hold high expectations for Nana’s because I have had so many butchered matcha desserts in the past. The inherent issue with matcha desserts (or matcha anything for that matter) is that a lot of things sound good in theory but end up failing to deliver (like Matcha Pocky). Most of the time, I think it is because there is too much matcha powder. Nana’s matcha ice cream drinks and macha fondant ended up being really good while the macha tiramisu was exactly the bad I just described. We will know what not to get next time.

Macha soft float 抹茶雪顶 (RMB¥30)
Recommend: yes
The weather is pretty cold right now but we could not pass up macha soft serve, which left us with a cold soft serve float instead of a warm macha latte. We basically started on dessert with these drinks before our main dish even came out.

Nana's Green Tea Shanghai

Macha rice-cake soft float 抹茶雪顶白玉拿铁 (RMB¥33)
Recommend: yes
Basically the drink above with some rice cake balls added. Equally nom.

Nana's Green Tea Shanghai

Steamed rice with eel 日式鳗鱼拌饭 (RMB¥43)
Recommend: meh
It’s just okay. I didn’t come to Nana’s for this and it wasn’t trying to impress me either. It was a mutual indifference.

Nana's Green Tea Shanghai

Macha tiramisu 抹茶提拉米苏 (RMB¥22)
Recommend: no no no
There was too much matcha powder top and the cream tasted much too similar to mousse as opposed to a soft cream. We didn’t like this and my friend just didn’t touch it after one bite.

Nana's Green Tea Shanghai

Macha fondant au chocolate 七叶抹茶熔岩蛋糕 (RMB¥25)
Recommend: yes
A true macha fondant with sweet macha lava oozing out of the shell that lived completely up to my expectations in terms of flavor. This is really good. The pricing is also very reasonable for this type of dessert as I normally expect these things to cost RMB¥40 or more.

Nana's Green Tea Shanghai

Nana's Green Tea Shanghai