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Okaeri | Dianping
Address: Inside Jiashan Market, 550 Shanxi Nan Lu, No. 37, Bldg 2, Unit 103 | 陕西南路550弄37号2幢103室
Date visited: 2019.04
Price: RMB150-200 per person
Will return: Yes
What to get:
– Taiwanese sausage & raw garlic 台式蒜片香肠
– Stewed “lu wei” platter 卤味拼盘
– Ikura & salmon fried rice 鲑鱼炒饭

Okaeri is a casual Taiwanese food and bar combo inside Jiashan Market. The food is homey and unpretentious, the prices are reasonable, and they also make good bentos for delivery Eleme and Meituan.

For those who also don’t like cilantro, Taiwanese food often comes with cilantro garnish so I just asked for everything without cilantro when ordering. It is pretty common in Taiwanese (and Thai, Viet, etc.) food and it honestly makes everything it touches taste like soap to me.

Important: the menu is handwritten in squiggly Chinese which I could barely read and the staff doesn’t speak much English so bring a Chinese speaker and/or reader!

Taiwanese sausage & raw garlic 台式蒜片香肠 (RMB38)
Recommend: yes
I love love love Taiwanese sausage with raw garlic. This is not a date dish — eat this when you are with your friends or something.

Okaeri Taiwanese Food Shanghai

Stewed “lu wei” platter 卤味拼盘 (RMB68)
Recommend: yes
“Lu wei” is a Taiwanese staple and it basically means braised and stewed dishes. This particular platter includes intestines, ears, tofu, and seaweed. I like the intestines and ears the most but this is not for those who don’t like innards.

Okaeri Taiwanese Food Shanghai

Omelette with basil 九层塔煎蛋 (RMB38)
Recommend: no
I saw a lot of people order this on Dianping but it’s just an egg omelette…? I am not opposed to it but I don’t see why I would order it again.

Okaeri Taiwanese Food Shanghai

Ikura & salmon fried rice 鲑鱼子炒饭 (RMB68)
Recommend: yes
Fried rice topped with ikura (salmon roe) mixed with pieces of cooked salmon! If you like ikura, this is the dish for you. Okaeri also has a normal fried rice with Taiwanese sausage, which I was also inclined to order, but we decided to try something different since we ordered the Taiwanese sausage & raw garlic.

Okaeri Taiwanese Food Shanghai