[Shanghai] Prée

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Prée | Dianping
Address: 新天地太仓路181弄15号 – 181 Taicang Road (Xintiandi)
Date visited: 2015.06 for dessert
Price: RMB42-88 per cup
Will return: Yes

This ice cream place is ¥¥¥¥¥¥¥¥¥¥¥¥¥¥¥. But it serves good ice cream. I suppose that is fair considering the Xintiandi way is usually premium price for not so premium food. I still think I am overpaying for ice cream but at least it is tasty.

Here is the menu:
Three bean vanilla – Madagacar, Mexico, and Tahiti (RMB42)
The master chocolate (RMB48)
Uji matcha with genmai (RMB42)
Goat milk with Manuka honey (RMB58)
Lemongrass and ginger (RMB58)
Pepper corn and pistachio (RMB58)
England black ale (RMB58)
Bourbon and roasted cherries (RMB68)
Royal rose lychee (RMB68)
Black truffle (RMB88)

Prée has some pretty attractive flavors but I can’t eat this much ice cream or afford it in one sitting. We chose the RMB88 cup of black truffle ice cream.

The ice cream itself has a really nice soft texture, which is apparently due to some fancy ice cream machine they have. The lady actually has to run the ice cream through the machine for every order so it takes a few minutes longer than your usual scoop-and-serve but it’s not like there is a long line to buy ice cream this expensive anyway.

Pree Ice Cream Shanghai

The truffle flavor has a presence but blends into the ice cream seamlessly. This is definitely either love or hate — my two coworkers thought it was a bit too much while I thought it was pretty subtle. We did all agree that for an obscure flavor like black truffle, this is well done.