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RAC | Dianping
Address: 322 Anfu Lu near Wukang Lu / 安福路322号(近武康路)
Date visited: 2018.03
Price: RMB100-150 per person
Will return: Yes but only during non-peak hours
What to get:
– Far West galette
– Nutella or salted caramel crepe
– Egg sandwich

Those who have been in Shanghai long enough probably lived through the block-long lines at Ferguson Lane for Franck Pecol’s ice cream every weekend before it was revealed that his establishments were using expired flour. If not, don’t worry about it. Franck’s businesses included Franck Bistrot (French dining), Far West (crepes & galettes), WIYF (ice cream), and Farine (coffee, bread, pastries, and other carbs) before the expired flour-gate brought him down and he fled. That is a whole other story that I can’t speak much about as I know just as much (or little) as the next person.

Franck may be gone but someone seems to have brought back his old menu at RAC. While RAC has no affiliation with Franck, it is almost the same menu as Far West plus more (new to this menu are egg sandwiches) but no ice cream. These crepes and galettes taste the same as before, which I think are still the best in Shanghai. The coffee is always good and there is a separate takeaway window for coffee.

The line and hype are very much still there so I recommend going during non-peak hours. I came during a weekday morning and did not have to wait though it quickly became crowded during lunch time. If you are determined to go during “normal” eating times, brace yourself for the horrendously long line, which will test your patience when you see 10 couples and families with strollers in line in front of you. I really like this place but I personally won’t wait an hour for casual bench seating. Ain’t nobody got time for that.

Far West galette (RMB98) with pancetta, egg, cheese, mushrooms, cream
Recommend: yes
Crispy where it should be and loaded with gooey melted cheese, pancetta, and mushrooms. Pop the egg and swish it around the crepe. Eat this immediately before it gets soft.

RAC Coffee Shanghai Galettes Crepes

Breakfast in a bun (RMB45) with scrambled eggs and chives, cheddar, onion jam, chili mayo
Recommend: yes
This sandwich is made of fluffy scrambled eggs with chives and cheese held together by the softest buns. Sounds like @eggslut right? There is a slight kick to it with the chili mayo and I like to add even more spicy with Tobasco hot sauce.

RAC Coffee Shanghai Galettes Crepes

Crepes and sides (RMB60) 2 Brittany style sweet crepes served with Nutella, salted caramel, jam, and butter
Recommend: yes
This option is DIY with a bit of everything if you like to mix it up. If you strongly prefer one flavor, you can also order one of the following. I personally like Nutella or salted caramel:

  • Butter/sugar
  • Salted caramel
  • Caramelized apples
  • Chocolate
  • Lemon
  • Nutella

RAC Coffee Shanghai Galettes Crepes

Coffee list:

  • Espresso (RMB25)
  • Americano (RMB25)
  • Macchiato / cortado (RMB30)
  • Latte / cappuccino / flat white (RMB35)
  • Mocha (RMB35)

Non-coffee list:

  • Hot chocolate (RMB30)
  • Chai latte (RMB35)
  • Milk tea (RMB25)
  • Tea (RMB25)

RAC Coffee Shanghai Galettes Crepes