[Shanghai] Sheng Sushi 盛寿司

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Sheng Sushi 盛寿司 | shengsushi.com | Dianping
Address: 永康路53号(近襄阳南路) – 53 Yongkang Rd near Xiangyang South Rd (徐汇区 Xuhui District)
Date visited: 2013.08 for dinner
Total bill: RMB¥284 for three people
Will return: Never

This is kind of like the worst sushi ever. Yes, you are reading the words of a girl who has been eating sushi in New York where the chef hands you the freshest fish only second to Japan piece-by-piece. But no, I am not comparing that to this (because comparing Michael Kors to Chanel is just not fair). I did eat Americanized sushi rolls drowned in mayo and spicy sauce during my college budget days and compared to that, this is still terrible. On top of that, kind of pricey for not being full afterwards.

Asahi (RMB¥25)
Alright, this was a good deal.

Sheng Sushi

Uni (RMB¥25)
These were so tiny and not fresh.

Sheng Sushi

Take Mori (RMB¥68)
I could taste that the fish was frozen before.

Sheng Sushi

Sheng Sushi Roll (RMB¥58) with salmon, tuna, white tuna, avocado, cucumber
The rice mixture was very hard and stale.

Sheng Sushi
Maserati Roll (RMB¥68) with soft shell crab, avocado on the left was mostly fried batter and very little crabmeat. Cooked Mori (RMB¥40) on the right was the only thing that was passable probably because it was cooked.

Sheng Sushi