[Shanghai] Sproutworks 豆苗工坊

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Sproutworks 豆苗工坊 | Dianping
Address: 新乐路169号(近东湖路) – 169 Xinle Rd near Donghu Rd (卢湾区 Luwan District)
Date visited: 2013.05
Total bill: ¥55 lunch combo
Will return: Maybe

Update: please note this branch on Donghu Lu is now closed. There is a branch located at Super Brand Mall 正大广场.

Sproutworks offers salads, sides, and paninis. This place reminds me of Whole Foods but without the groceries. My friend Go Find Alice said this is exactly like a SoCal chain called Lemonade LA. The theme here is healthy and when I hear healthy, I think of rabbit food. All preconceived notions aside, the food is fine and adds to the list of Wagas and Element Fresh-type options for a quick lunch. This food isn’t converting anyone to vegetarianism anytime soon. If you are not a regular salad-eater like me, skip the salad and get a panini.

Sproutworks Shanghai

My friend opted for the salad combo with two sides. Her main salad was iceberg lettuce based, which I think is cheap and tasteless anywhere no matter which way you dress it. No good salad I have ever had was iceberg lettuce based. The side on the left was a bitter melon salmon salad and the side on the right was a watermelon radish salad. I had a bite of everything but nothing stood out enough to make me want to take another bite.

Sproutworks Shanghai

I opted for the ¥55 lunch combo, which included a panini and two sides. I chose the portobello mushroom panini with a side of potatoes and squash (carb life). Again, the sides were average but the panini really did it for me.

Sproutworks Shanghai

I actually don’t like portobello mushrooms at all but I had an odd compulsion to get it at that moment. This panini turned out to be surprisingly good for what it is. They warmed up the pre-made panini and the bread was crispy on the outside and soft on the inside. I liked this. Nicely done.

Sproutworks Shanghai