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Tock’s | tocksdeli.com.cnDianping
Address: 河南中路221号(近福州路) – 221 Henan Zhong Lu near Fuzhou Lu (黄浦区 Huangpu District)
Date visited: 2014.08 for lunch
Price: Sandwiches RMB¥50-100
Will return: Definitely
What to get: Pastrami Reuben

I must have been a Jew in my previous life, I am sure of it. If not, then I ought to be in my next life. Because a good pastrami reuben make me very, very happy.

We took a field trip during work to eat lunch with our favorite fancy pants consultant who works near Tock’s, a Montreal Deli specializing in smoked meats. I had been to Tock’s only once before when it first opened and got the wrong cut, resulting in a less than satisfactory visit. My love for a good pastrami reuben is infinite and I thought, I must give this another try and I am so glad that I did.

I previously met owner Brian Tock during this meal at Sushi Oyama where he and his uncle sat next to me. How small this big city can be.

Tock's Shanghai

There are other smoked meats here such as duck, turkey, and chicken. But for my intents and purposes (tunnel vision for pastrami), we will focus on the pastrami sandwich, in particular the pastrami reuben.

When you sit down, a server will whiz over with a plate of pastrami samples. We got medium cut samples the first time and I asked to try a fat cut before placing my order. It’s great that they let you do that.

Pastrami Reuben (regular RMB¥78/monster RMB¥98; choice of lean, medium, and fat cuts of pastrami)
Recommend: definitely
Tock’s pastrami reuben in all its double decker glory. Portions here are so giant I am lucky if I can even finish a regular sized sandwich by myself so my friend and I shared a monster sized sandwich. Although let me tell you, I have wolfed down a regular size alone in a subsequent delivery order through Sherpa’s.

Tock's Shanghai

The first time I went to Tock’s, I got a medium cut (half fat, half lean) pastrami, which was not fatty enough for my taste. I have pretty exaggerated taste buds for certain things and I really love my fat cuts of meat but I think the majority of people would probably fall into the medium cut. I learned my lesson, asked for a fat cut this time, and it was spot-on perfect. Getting the right cut for me really matters and this time, this sandwich turned out to be everything I wanted and thought I couldn’t find in Shanghai.

Tock's Shanghai

Now we have to talk about the other place I love for a pastrami sandwich: The Public. The pastrami sandwiches at Tock’s and The Public are very different but each good in its own style. Tock’s is closer to that traditional image and taste typical of Jewish delicatessens like Katz’s (1)(2) or Zingerman’s whereas The Public puts more of a twist on ingredients with an Italian roll, fancy mustard and pickled pears. I love both. But having had Tock’s the second time around and really loving it, Tock’s has risen to the top of my pastrami sandwich list and closest thing to Katz’s in Shanghai.

And Tock’s serves Sumerian Coffee, which is always a good thing in the rare occasions that I drink coffee. Americano straight up.

Tock's Shanghai