[Shanghai] Tsukiji Aosora Sandaime 筑地青空三代目 (2)

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Tsukiji Aosora Sandaime 筑地青空三代目 | Dianping
Address: 长乐路191号1-2楼(近茂名南路) – 1-2F, 191 Changle Lu near Maoming Nan Lu (卢湾区 Luwan District)
Date visited: 2014.06 for dinner
Price: Chirashi rice bowls range from RMB¥130-400 each
Will return: Yes

We usually get the sushi set here but we decided to share some chirashi rice bowls during this visit. Between two girls, we were ultimately quite stuffed sharing two bowls, although we initially debated for a long time whether to get a third dish to share.

Tsukiji Aosora Sandaime 筑地青空三代目 Shanghai

Each bowl is quite big and as you can see they are bigger than my friend’s head.


Sea urchin and salmon roe rice bowl (RMB¥230)
Recommend: yes
Salmon roe (ikura) has definitely been an acquired taste for me in the past year. If you like salmon roe and sea urchin, this is the bowl for you.

Tsukiji Aosora Sandaime 筑地青空三代目 Shanghai

Mix in wasabi and soy sauce in each bite and eat.

Tsukiji Aosora Sandaime 筑地青空三代目 Shanghai

Tsukiji prime scorched tuna rice bowl (RMB¥230)
Recommend: no
Some of the tuna (toro) pieces were delectably fatty while a few pieces weren’t slightly tough and scaley. We definitely don’t like the variety in this bowl enough to get it again.

P.S. We tried to poke the bowl but it was solid. Womp womp.

Tsukiji Aosora Sandaime 筑地青空三代目