[Shanghai] Wei Xiang Zhai 味香斋

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Wei Xiang Zhai 味香斋 | Dianping
Address: 雁荡路14号(近淮海中路) – 14 Yandang Lu near Huaihai Zhong Lu (卢湾区 Luwan District)
Date visited: 2015.01
Price: RMB¥10-20 per bowl
Will return: Maybe

A quick eat-and-go place, Wei Xiang Zhai 味香斋 is known for its sesame noodles 麻酱面. Wei Xiang Zhai has all the qualities of a Chinese hole-in-the-wall: cheap prices, long queues, shared tables, grumpy cashier ladies, and dirty everything. This is a place that is good to come to once for a really local experience. But for me, sanitation is important and home girl is too much of a princess for this on the regular. I think once is enough for me.

Sesame noodles 麻酱面 (RMB¥10) + deep fried pork chop 大排 (RMB¥11)
A generous portion of firm noodles. I dump a whole bottle of vinegar, in typical Shanghai fashion, to offset the thick sesame sauce.

Wei Xiang Zhai 味香斋 Shanghai