[Shanghai Girl Eats] Yuen Long Cafe

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Yuen Lang Cafe 元朗冰室 | Dianping
Address: D102, Bldg D, Fuxing Soho, 388 Madang Lu | 马当路388号复兴soho广场D幢1楼D102
Date visited: 2019.04
Price: <RMB100
Will return: Yes
What to get: 
– Char siu egg over rice 叉烧日本滑蛋饭

Ever since I discovered char siu egg over rice in Hong Kong (specifically at Mon Kee Cafe), I have been asked by many people if there is something similar in Shanghai. The short answer is yes, but it’s not exactly the same.

Yuen Long Cafe (pronounced “yuan lang” in Mandarin) is the answer… sort of. It looks like it but there are noticeable differences. The char siu is not that good for one thing and the egg is not as tender. But will I still eat this in Shanghai? Yes.

Char siu egg over rice 叉烧日本滑蛋饭 (RMB55)

Yuen Long Cafe Shanghai